07.15.07 @ 20:46
                                AX 2008!!!

                       I reiterate... LA is evil.  However, they did have most of the food areas open in the Convention center, so at least we didn't starve.  And, before we go on, yes, I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I last made an entry here... it's a good thing no one cares but me ^_^  I had a very long unintentional hiatus due to the sheer amount of man-hours required for the costumes I made this year. I have spent every waking hour (and quite a few that should have been sleeping hours) on them since November... Those costumes will have a separate entry, possibly tomorrow, possibly later in the week -  I make no promises! 

If you want to read a full report and see WAY too many pictures you only have to expand.

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                                08.12.07 @ 16:50
                                The B-I-B-L-E...

                       Yes, that's the book for me...

Okay, so, we were having a discussion on the bible the other day at work (among other things) and I thought it was very applicable to... well, non-Christians in general, and even some Christians, so I thought I'd put up the basic idea of the conversation.  Anyway, I mentioned that there are a lot if things that are not in the bible that must have happened, or that are only explained in part and that the reason for this is that ten thousand years (or however long) of history could not possibly be recorded in a single book.  In fact, the Bible often references other "books" stating that further information can be found there.  the Bible was only meant to record events of religious significance.  My coworker then stated that you also had to take into account how many hands the Bible has passed through over the years and how many times it has likely been "messed with". I disagreed with her, and the subject of this study will be my reasoning for disagreeing that the multiple translations etc of the Bible matter.

Sound interesting?  Well, just click expand below...  

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                                07.08.07 @ 13:45
                                AX 2007!!!

                       First I want to say that the Long Beach Convention center is evil... and that it's stupid that the convention is going to be in LA next year... dumb people.  What happened to Anaheim, did they kick us out or something?  Anyway... aside from the very annoying local (you had to take a fifteen minute walk even to get from one room in the center to another because you had to go outside and around...) the convention rocked!  I was a little concerned because I had just started a new job, and I had to take Friday off with no pay, but it was so worth it!  We wanted to go all four days ('we' being my father, my brother Brian, my best friend Josh, and myself), but we couldn't' afford a hotel room for that long so we only went Friday through Sunday.  Josh and I went down after work Thursday to pick up our badges because last year we had to wait in line for almost three hours... and that was with pre-registering and getting our stuff in the mail.  What's the point of sending badges in the mail if you still have to stand in line once you get there? Speaking of which... our badges didn't come until the Wednesday before, which was cutting it a little close if you ask me, especially since we registered in January...  anyway, it only took us about ten minutes to get all set on Thursday, though we did get lost on the way there... directions are lousy and so are LA freeways...

If you wanna know the rest, you know what to do!  click expand below! 

By the way... the new avatar is from aethereality.net - credit where credit is due ^_^

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                                07.07.07 @ 12:00
                                After the Drought...

                       ...comes the flood ^_^  Wow, half a year since I last posted -_-U  Told you I was lousy at this 'journal' thing...  Oh!  And I just noticed I'm posing on 7/7/7 - lucky day!  Not that I believe in that...  Wow, so a lot has happened in all this time (not surprisingly) and hence the title!  For months I bring you nothing, and now I shall flood you with information!  In fact... I may have to post this in two parts (don't ask me why... possibly because it will make me feel better?).  Anyway, among everything else that has happened in 2007 I quite my old job, was without work for three weeks, and started a new job.  Monday through Friday, 8-5, never on weekend.  Ahh!  Life is good.  That being said you might expect me to have more free time, but I've been spending it all sewing costumes for Anime Expo (which is now over and will be the subject of my second posting this weekend) and working on concept art/story/gamedesign for my brother's "video game company" - which can be great fun, but is also time consuming...  Anyway, if you want to hear... errr... read about my life, including getting ready for the convention (but not including that weekend and the things following) just expand this entry.

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                                12.28.06 @ 21:01
                                Little Reminders

                       Bet you really thought I was dead this time ^_^ Well, I'm not... yet.  But I might be soon.  Working six days a week opening to closing can do that to you.  If they'd quit firing people at work - or at least hire some new people I might live!  As it is I have almost no free time, and way too much stuff to get done.  I can't live without my hobbies I tell you!  But God is still good, and he still loves me and has a plan for my life, so I suppose I'll live anyway.  In fact, I might even have some fun.  So, since I brought it up, I want to tell you a story about why butter cookies remind me that God loves me.  But you'll have to expand this entry to read it.

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                                11.20.06 @ 21:25
                                ... Where have I been?!

                       Did you think that I died?  Well, almost, but not quite.  So just when I thought that my days of hectic business were over... they weren't.  First my church started a fundraiser called the 20-20-20 project.  This is how it worked: you signed up to get $20.00 from the church, then you had 20 days to make an additional $20.00 with that money.  That meant you had to bring back $40.00  You were supposed to spend the money on something to sell...  So they asked me to make a CD (I write and perform my own songs.  I even accompany myself, though not quite to my satisfaction).  I did, and I wanted them to look professional so I made a cover design and printed CD labels and everything, plus I had to make the recordings... took absolutely forever.  Aside from that we were still working on my room - two full months living in my brother's room was so not fun, but we both survived (he was on my parent's floor). I love how it turned out!  I could lay and stare at it for hours.  Oh - I am still waiting on the nightstand that I ordered. Anyway, I have pictures of both if you want to see! Just expand this entry ^_^

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to my Questions on Christianity drabbling soon... I don't want to do a half job of it, I want it to make sense.

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                                11.03.06 @ 23:09
                                The Force is With You

                      So my brother and I worked on our Halloween costumes for a year on and off, and we're very proud of the results.  The pictures don't quite do them justice, but they're all we've got to show for it ~_^

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                                10.29.06 @ 00:08

                                No Condemnation


                       ...I'm so busy it's crazy... which means that I'm way tired too.  But I'm hanging in there by the grace of God.  Soon most of it will be over anyway.  I got two things off my plate just last week.  And after Halloween another two will be down.  All that's really left is to finish the renovations on my room so that I can move back in.  I can't wait.  Living in my little brother's room is not fun... at all...  just in case you didn't already know that.

    Anyway, I thought I'd drop another installment in the Christian basics... thing... I'm trying to write.  The topic is "no condemnation" and it's based on the verse Romans 8:1.  It's my personal favorite.

                      No Condemnation

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                                10.16.06 @ 21:50
                                The Roman Road

                       Ever felt like you got hit by a truck?  That's me!  I painted my entire room (including ceiling) yesterday and I feel about ready to die...  The gloomy weather out here isn't helping either...  Anyway I just wanted to write because in all my babbling last week I forgot to put in any kind of plan for salvation.  The easiest one to follow is what we call "the Roman Road", it's a set of verses in the book of Romans (in the Bible) that spells out why we need salvation and how to get it.  So here it is for you.

                      The Roman Road

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                                10.08.06 @ 16:57
                                So What's This God Thing All About?

                       Hmmm... this is going to be more difficult than I thought.  I want this to be a sort of question and answer on Christianity, or maybe follow some sort of sequence, but the temptation to write whatever is in my head is so great.  Maybe I'll label the ones that will expand to have a "theological" musing with some sort of symbol... like a cross!  Then you'll know what's my drabble and what has a point.  Hey!  I like that idea.  And I guess I'll start with an expanded entry today. Click expand to read the subject article!

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