07.15.07 @ 20:46
                                AX 2008!!!

                       I reiterate... LA is evil.  However, they did have most of the food areas open in the Convention center, so at least we didn't starve.  And, before we go on, yes, I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I last made an entry here... it's a good thing no one cares but me ^_^  I had a very long unintentional hiatus due to the sheer amount of man-hours required for the costumes I made this year. I have spent every waking hour (and quite a few that should have been sleeping hours) on them since November... Those costumes will have a separate entry, possibly tomorrow, possibly later in the week -  I make no promises! 

So, we stayed from Wednesday night through Sunday at the end of the con.  We were going to stay over to Monday morning, but it was just so expensive, and since the con really ends at 3 (unless you go to closing ceremonies) we just went home.  It was tons of fun and I bought way more fanart than I should have.  We entered the Masquerade this year, so that took a lot of our time, but I'll cover that in a separate entry.   We checked out the English voice acting workshop presented by BangZoom! entertainment.  It was pretty good, much better than the NEEC Japanese one... We took a newbie on Saturday, and she was a little overwhelmed, but when we left to get ready for the Masquerade she went home.  She brought a camera, but she didn't take any pictures.  I, however, took lots and lots.  I'm gonna put up a whopping 76 for you O.O.

And now, without further ado... pictures! (because I know that's all y'all care about...)


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