11.03.06 @ 23:09
                                The Force is With You

                      So my brother and I worked on our Halloween costumes for a year on and off, and we're very proud of the results.  The pictures don't quite do them justice, but they're all we've got to show for it ~_^

Me in my Jedi glory... trying to fix my belt...

My hair took forever, but I loved it.  And the cloak cost me $85.00 in material alone... it was a bear to sew too...

The hair for my brother's braid is real.  It's mine!  We collected my hair as it fell out for an entire year!  And we had just enough...  We made the lightsaber hilts ourselves out of PVC pipe attachments and spray paint.  And why did my mother not tell me that my sleeve was turned up like that?!?

I look stoned here... I was mid-blink  But he looks absolutely adorable!  I love my little brother!

And we're off to fight evil!  He's got the little ponytail too, you just can't see it.  I told my mom she couldn't cut his hair, but in July she cut it anyway.  There was barely enough to pull into a tail, but we managed (of course, he whined a whole lot... crybaby :P)

And there he is from the back.  You can kind of see the ponytail, but isn't the cloak hood cool?

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