07.08.07 @ 3:08
                                AX 2007!!!

                       First I want to say that the Long Beach Convention center is evil... and that it's stupid that the convention is going to be in LA next year... dumb people.  What happened to Anaheim, did they kick us out or something?  Anyway... aside from the very annoying local (you had to take a fifteen minute walk even to get from one room in the center to another because you had to go outside and around...) the convention rocked!  I was a little concerned because I had just started a new job, and I had to take Friday off with no pay, but it was so worth it!  We wanted to go all four days ('we' being my father, my brother Brian, my best friend Josh, and myself), but we couldn't' afford a hotel room for that long so we only went Friday through Sunday.  Josh and I went down after work Thursday to pick up our badges because last year we had to wait in line for almost three hours... and that was with pre-registering and getting our stuff in the mail.  What's the point of sending badges in the mail if you still have to stand in line once you get there? Speaking of which... our badges didn't come until the Wednesday before, which was cutting it a little close if you ask me, especially since we registered in January...  anyway, it only took us about ten minutes to get all set on Thursday, though we did get lost on the way there... directions are lousy and so are LA freeways...

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