07.07.07 @ 12:00
                                After the Drought...

                       ...comes the flood ^_^  Wow, half a year since I last posted -_-U  Told you I was lousy at this 'journal' thing...  Oh!  And I just noticed I'm posing on 7/7/7 - lucky day!  Not that I believe in that...  Wow, so a lot has happened in all this time (not surprisingly) and hence the title!  For months I bring you nothing, and now I shall flood you with information!  In fact... I may have to post this in two parts (don't ask me why... possibly because it will make me feel better?).  Anyway, among everything else that has happened in 2007 I quite my old job, was without work for three weeks, and started a new job.  Monday through Friday, 8-5, never on weekend.  Ahh!  Life is good.  That being said you might expect me to have more free time, but I've been spending it all sewing costumes for Anime Expo (which is now over and will be the subject of my second posting this weekend) and working on concept art/story/gamedesign for my brother's "video game company" - which can be great fun, but is also time consuming...  Anyway, if you want to hear... errr... read about my life, including getting ready for the convention (but not including that weekend and the things following) just expand this entry.

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