11.20.06 @ 21:25
                                ... Where have I been?!

                       Did you think that I died?  Well, almost, but not quite.  So just when I thought that my days of hectic business were over... they weren't.  First my church started a fundraiser called the 20-20-20 project.  This is how it worked: you signed up to get $20.00 from the church, then you had 20 days to make an additional $20.00 with that money.  That meant you had to bring back $40.00  You were supposed to spend the money on something to sell...  So they asked me to make a CD (I write and perform my own songs.  I even accompany myself, though not quite to my satisfaction).  I did, and I wanted them to look professional so I made a cover design and printed CD labels and everything, plus I had to make the recordings... took absolutely forever.  Aside from that we were still working on my room - two full months living in my brother's room was so not fun, but we both survived (he was on my parent's floor). I love how it turned out!  I could lay and stare at it for hours.  Oh - I am still waiting on the nightstand that I ordered. Anyway, I have pictures of both if you want to see! Just expand this entry ^_^

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to my Questions on Christianity drabbling soon... I don't want to do a half job of it, I want it to make sense.

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