07.15.07 @ 20:46
                                AX 2008!!!

                       I reiterate... LA is evil.  However, they did have most of the food areas open in the Convention center, so at least we didn't starve.  And, before we go on, yes, I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I last made an entry here... it's a good thing no one cares but me ^_^  I had a very long unintentional hiatus due to the sheer amount of man-hours required for the costumes I made this year. I have spent every waking hour (and quite a few that should have been sleeping hours) on them since November... Those costumes will have a separate entry, possibly tomorrow, possibly later in the week -  I make no promises! 

If you want to read a full report and see WAY too many pictures you only have to expand.

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