10.29.06 @ 00:08
                                No Condemnation

                       ...I'm so busy it's crazy... which means that I'm way tired too.  But I'm hanging in there by the grace of God.  Soon most of it will be over anyway.  I got two things off my plate just last week.  And after Halloween another two will be down.  All that's really left is to finish the renovations on my room so that I can move back in.  I can't wait.  Living in my little brother's room is not fun... at all...  just in case you didn't already know that.

    Anyway, I thought I'd drop another installment in the Christian basics... thing... I'm trying to write.  The topic is "no condemnation" and it's based on the verse Romans 8:1.  It's my personal favorite.

                      No Condemnation

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